Your homegrown music venue needs a new roof.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the beat-up crown. Perhaps you’ve witnessed the shingle-y shitshow littering the back forty after a high wind. Perhaps the ceiling has cried tears of permeability upon your head. But if you’ve spent any time at the Barn, this news probably isn’t news at all.

As an audience, you have always stepped-up. You’ve consumed Hamm’s without complaint. You’ve weathered headwinds emanating from the port-a-potties. You’ve endured my words (including these here). And you’ve given all anyone can expect of an audience – your attention, your money, your enthusiasm, your flexibility of spirit.

But we need you again. Like, right now - The rainy day is here, but The Rainy Day Fund ain’t. Help us put a lid on this Sh*t!

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Contribution Tiers

Because our goal is to raise money for a new roof, we'll accept any amount that you wish to contribute. At the following tiers we'll return the favor with something special.


Tier 1 - $25

Golden Koozie. Exclusive can-cooler only for roof contributors.

shelter your shitty

Tier 2 - $50

Commemorative T-Shirt only for roof contributors.
+ Golden Koozie

shelter your shitty poster

Tier 3 - $100

Limited-edition screen-printed 10th Season Commemorative Poster. Trust us, it’s cool.
+ Commemorative T-Shirt
+ Golden Koozie

Help us shelter your Sh*tty

How much would you like to contribute?


We will stop offering incentives on 8/1/2019. Incentives can be picked up at a barn show after 8/1, or they will be shipped.

The Shitty Barn is a for-profit labor-of-love. Your contribution is not tax deductible.

Currently raised:

$0 of our $0 goal.

Should we surpass our stated fundraising goal, the additional funds will go towards other property improvements (Siding, gutters, paint, windows, etc..)

Contact us with questions

Call us if you'd prefer to contribute via check, or if you are having trouble with your order.